Gourd Ornaments – Individually Made In Vermont By A Vermont Artisan


These delightful Gourd Ornaments are individually created and painted by a Vermont Artisan.

Once the gourds are dry, the Artist soaks them in warm, soapy water and scrapes them clean. Then she sands them smooth and goes to work decorating them with acrylic paint. The finishing touch is the application of butcher’s wax, which makes the creation waterproof and shiny.

With their roly-poly bottoms and twisty necks, each gourd is unique and presents new creative possibilities. Some designs require the addition of ears, noses, hats or horns, each amplifying the appeal of these campy creatures.

Just as every gourd is different, so is every ornament!  Please do not ever expect any two of the same subject to be exactly alike!

We have pictured the selection in small groups and you need to use the “Name” drop down box below to select the ornaments you would like.

If you do not find an ornament listed, it means we are temporarily out of that style and are trying to acquire more.

Pictorial Tour of our Vermont Shop.

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