Shops At Fayrehale — Knocks At The Door!

Please tell your friends...

It happens fairly often, people travel through several States to visit Shops At Fayrehale and arrive either just before we open or on a day we decided to close!  

They knock at the door.

Even the Geese that mow our lawn want to know when we open!!

Two recent knocks at the door are noteworthy and proof positive of the need to build a solid internet presence.

A week ago last Thursday, I decided to close Shops At Fayrehale and work on painting the bathroom we are renovating. It seemed like a safe day to sneak as Columbus Day weekend was coming and and I knew we had a busy weekend ahead.

I was painting away when there was a knock at the door. Abigail was barking. I consider ignoring it but the knock is persistent!

So, I answered the door and a Gentleman said, “we drove up from CT because my wife wanted to see your Shop”. I  quickly opened and explained that I was always open if I was home – etc.

They had a nice look around the shop, we had a nice general conversation, they made their selections and as they were paying the husband asked if I had always lived here. My response, “I was born in Concord, MA and grew up in NY, PA & NH”, had him reveal that his wife grew up in Towanda, PA . “She did! I graduated from Towanda High” . He called his wife back in from the car where she had gone while he paid and told her. She said, “I did too!” I responded,”well I was way ahead of you — I was class of ’66” and she said, “so was I!”  “I am Jim Verrill and was Editor of the Yearbook” — Her mouth dropped open as she said, “I am (was) Mary Bartlett!” — My date to the Senior Prom!!!! 49 years ago!!!!!

Mary Bartlett - Class of 1966 - Towanda HS - PA        James Verrill - Class of 1966 - Towanda HS - PA

Our Senior Pictures – 1966

We spent three hours catching up. She and her husband were on a two day Vermont Foliage tour. Mary had been researching cold weather laying chickens for a friend and found us of course – Fayrehale Chanteclers!  Then Mary saw the Shop and decided she wanted to visit the Shops At Fayrehale on their VT tour. They took a 50 mile extension (each way) from White River Junction where they were spending tonight!

The power and the value of the internet!!!!

The other couple I want to mention as noteworthy live in Erie, PA.

This past Saturday I had just finished an errands run.  One of those trips where I had a careful list to keep me on track during seven different stops. The kind of errands run that I hate but are sometimes necessary.  I pulled the van into the drive and came in the house to quickly answer an email before I moved the vehicles, put the signs out and opened the Shop.

A Knock At The Door!

“Are you open?  My wife and I drove here from Erie, PA. She has been following you on Facebook and on your Website.”   While we were the primary destination, they were taking a nice trip. They had visited Salem, MA, Bar Harbor, ME before coming to Shops At Fayrehale  and then were headed home via Old Forge, NY  and Lake Placid, NY.

She had ordered 5 Chanteclers from a hatchery, fallen in love with them, and wanted good stock. That desire was responsible for her finding us on the internet.  Often our Chantecler and Icelandic chickens bring people to Shops At Fayrehale: Antiques, Christmas, Gifts.

Several hours later, they left with their Shop selections and a dozen week old Chantecler chicks. I then moved the vehicles from the driveway, put the signs out and finished opening.

A good presence on the internet is beneficial!

We are busy renovating the downstairs bathroom, winterizing the cellar to prevent another unexpected, extraordinary freeze like we had last December and rearranging the back room in the Shop as we prepare for the Holiday season.

Back Room at  Back Room at

Back Room at

Back Room at  Back Room at

The Totally New Look In The Back Room At Shops At Fayrehale.

We have also started the outside transition for the Holiday Season.

Yes!  That Is The First Snow Of The Season! – Last Friday Night.

Please tell your friends...

4 Responses to Shops At Fayrehale — Knocks At The Door!

  1. Sally (NH) October 20, 2015 at 10:16 pm #

    Hi Jim, Always enjoy your posts! I’ve got a new batch of Chanteclers and Icelandics that I hatched this June, and am eagerly anticipating their beginning laying in a few weeks. My older hens (your first mailing of spring 2014) are about done molting, so they don’t look like they ran under the lawn mower anymore, and I am eager to see how they do laying eggs in their second winter. I also got 9 “bonus” Icelandics in late July when one of my hens went broody under the back porch.

    The two breeds complement each other nicely – the large, white Chanteclers, and the colorful and very friendly Icelandics. I love them!

    Stay warm, and all the best with your shop!

    • Cindy riedel October 21, 2015 at 11:29 pm #

      Hi Jim, Sorry to take so long to get back to you. I would like to thank you again for such a pleasant “visit” on our trip! We made it home safely with our precious cargo! Our 12 little babies are doing fantastic, they didn’t even mind staying in a hotel (you never think about how noisy they can be till you try sleeping). I have got to say they are the healthiest chicks I have bought! You would never know they traveled that far, they settled right in and are doing wonderful…every single one! I am so excited! I was just hoping to make it on a list for chicks or older pullets but to actually bring some home, Heaven! Bob wanted to buy me a ring on our trip, but I refused said I had something better my 12 vt jewels…lol! I take my coffee out and just sit and watch them. Nothing better than fresh air, coffee and a quiet start to the day! will send some pictures to update you as they grow. Sincerely Cindy R.

      • James Trundy Verrill October 22, 2015 at 10:25 am #

        Thank you for the update on the rest of your travels home. We enjoy updates. It was a fun visit and I know you will enjoy both the Chanteclers and the Bracket Lamp. You just lucked out w/ Chanteclers – Last hatch too late to mail. Perfect timing on your part:)

    • James Trundy Verrill October 22, 2015 at 10:27 am #

      Great to hear from you and have the updates! Always fun when a hen returns with “surprises”:) I agree – The Chanteclers and the Icelandics go very well together!

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