My Other Special Place

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My Other Special Place

Star Island, Isles of Shoals, N.H.

Those of you who know me and have followed our lives here in Vermont, know how special our small piece of property is! Prior to finding this special haven we call home, I only had one special place!  Since 1959 when I was eleven, Star Island has been in my life.  This special and magical Island has been the only constant in my life!

In 1959, we lived in Burdett, New York, just outside of Walkins Glen. We attended the Unitarian Church in Ithaca, New York. At that time, The Ithaca Unitarian Church had a large number of people going to Family Conferences on Star Island.  In 1959, Mother took me and my three brothers to Star Island for two weeks.


Star Island

Two separate family conferences, All Star I  and All Star II.  This was the beginning of a life long connection to Star and the formation of some special friendships that continue to this day.

Home Run

My Famous Home Run!  The ball field is still in the same spot and the stairs to the Oceanic Hotel Porch still provide the background.

These were very special weeks away from the world.  A group of people who, once on Star, were all equal. No titles, no knowledge, nor care about social position or socioeconomic status.  We were all “shoalers”  together for a week and then back to our lives in the “world” until we came together again the next year.

I loved these weeks, the formalized activities for kids and the random explorations that parents never knew about until we were adults as we searched for the treasure in places I would shudder to think a child was going today!

We cried when the day came that we had to leave!

I am not sure just when I came to understand the significance of Star Island’s energy in the connection of my Energy to the Universe. I just know that my awareness and understanding evolved and it was here on Star that I was the most connected to the Universe. It was the Chapel during Candlelight that was the most direct and strongest connection.  It was the place, NOT the speaker or service… The place that has the energy that combined with mine for this powerful Universal connection.


Candlelight Service in Gosport Chapel

My time on Star sustained me in the world the rest of the year. I could, and did, connect at times from afar.  I will not get in to the Metaphysical aspects of this connection as they make many uncomfortable.  I always say, I was born in to a family who had been Unitarians for many generations and moved on to the Metaphysical.  Star Island accommodated and supported that personal growth and knowledge of how the Universe works and the connectedness of all.

It was to Star that I brought Sharon and the children.  Family conferences at first and when the Children moved on with summer jobs ( Ellen was a Pelican – summer employee – one summer) Sharon and I moved to the Natural History Conference in 1988.  We were very active in NHC and Chaired the NHC Conference in 1992.  We had served on the Committee prior to Chairing.

I Co-Chaired in 1997 with friend since 1959, Jack Lightfoot. I was alone this year and it was post Sharon and pre Tom.  I came out to the Star Island Community in The Opening Candlelight Service that  Jack and I did jointly. That service is still remembered.

In 1998 I introduced Tom to Star and NHC.  I served as registrar for several years and continued to be active in the conference and Tom developed a website to promote NHC. That promotion created the largest Natural History Conference ever.

Life and work and acquiring our Vermont Home created a break for several years.


While Tom and I could not be Married on Star (New Hampshire didn’t recognize same gender marriages at this time) we did take a day in August, before we were married in September to go out to Star and perform a private ring exchange in the Chapel.


We did our ceremony at noon when the Island was having lunch and we could be alone and then wore our rings until the boat docked back at the mainland. We took them off and boxed them until the wedding in Concord, MA.

With life as we now live it, it has become impossible for us to both get away for a week.  Tom has been generous and covers the home front while I get my “Star Time”.  These days my Star Island involvement is as a Volunteer for the Shops on Star.  Tom once again built the webpage.

Star Island continues in my life  and as I said at the beginning, Star Island has been the one thread of consistency that has run through my life. It has remained a special and VERY significant place.

I have always said everyone needs a special place in their lives, where ever that may be, like Star has been in mine.  Now I am doubly blessed as our home in Vermont has the same powerful energy and connection to the Universe.  I get to live year round in a connected place as I am either at Home or at Star.


My Spirit Has Two Homes

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  1. James Trundy Verrill June 14, 2013 at 9:21 am #

    Couple of nice responses posted on FB page that I will record here:)

    “Very nice read- thanks for sharing. I have a place like that but I’ve never been there.” (Tim)

    “Great post!! I loved the treasure article as well. What fun that must have been. This is one of my favorite posts for sure – thanks for sharing. “My Spirit has two Homes” – love that.” (Susan)

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