“Peggy” The Chantecler Chick !

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On June 4th a local woman contacted me and asked for one fertile egg. They had placed a supposedly fertile egg under their hen and their small children were waiting eagerly for the egg to hatch …….. egg was a week over due…… so not going to hatch.

I candled the eggs in the incubator and sold her one egg as she requested… She picked it up, wrapped it in her sweater, and took it home to slip under the hen. Hatched on schedule last Sunday (6/9) and her update follows!!:):):) :

“Hi Jim ~
Just writing w/ an update for you. Our new little fluffy addition to our family arrived on Sunday afternoon, just as you predicted. Mom (Maple) is very proud indeed! My children are sure that she is a girl and have named her “Peggy”. Maple sat on her for Sun and Mon but today she is out exploring her world ~ acting quite healthy and spry. My children have enjoyed lots of quiet time observing and loving her. Maple has been very trusting of us since she too, has been given lots of affection since she was newly hatched. It’s been just perfect. She will be very loved here… thank you so much!!
~ Ruth”

Events like this make life special!

Update on “Peggy” The Chantecler Chick!  –  August 17, 2013

So many of you enjoyed hearing about Peggy that I thought I would bring you up to date!  Peggy is doing well and growing in to a beautiful white Chantecler hen!  Word and pitures from her family today.

“Peggy is great and we’re assuming she’s still a she!  She has become friends w/ our two other little ones which are about her same age (I had purchased two female chicks from Agway since the kids wanted a barred rock to replace our lost one). The flock accepted them all quickly and that was a relief.  She still hangs out w/ her Mom, Maple, but is definitely independent.  She’s become quite friendly to us too! Here are a few pictures taken yesterday.  Thanks for checking in on her ~ I’ll tell her you were asking!
~ Ruth”

peggy 1 Summer 2013 346

Peggy with her Mother, Maple

Peggy 2 Summer 2013 311

Peggy !  Isn’t she Beautiful?

Peggy 3 Summer 2013 307

Peggy with a Barred Rock Friend

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