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We work hard here at Shops At Fayrehale to offer a nice selection of affordable items AND to keep shipping costs reasonable.

Recent increases in USPS rates means we have to do a little adjusting too.

Vermont  —  $8.95

East of Mississippi (except VT)  —  $9.95

West of Mississippi (Except AK & HI)$13.95

Alaska & Hawaii  — $19.95

To Big To Mail  — We do have a Too Big To Mail section. These items can be picked up OR you can email shopsatfayrehale@gmail.com discuss other options which will cost you the actual fees.

Too Big To Mail - Shops At Fayrehale

When you checkout with an item from the Too Big To Mail section, you will see the above comment regarding shipping fees.  As stated above, IF NOT picking up, email shopsatfayrehale@gmail.com

Canada & Other Countries  — We welcome orders from many Countries and have shipped items to Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland and Britain. For these sales we ask you to email us at shopsatfayrehale@gmail.com with the item you wish to purchase.  We will pack it and take it to the Post Office to find out the exact cost and the options you can select from.

Please tell your friends...
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